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Nestle Properties for Sale in Greater Toronto by the northwestern shorelines of the city of Ontario. The properties are smack in the center of Ontario’s real estate capital. They are strategically positioned; near one of Canada’s biggest and most influential urban centers.

Greater Toronto is undoubtedly a really strategically placed city. Despite the fact that it is in Canada, it borders closer than most American states. The city is, therefore, a major business interest zone for Americans and Canadians alike. It’s also well serviced with world-class air terminals and this increases its appeal. This is why Properties for Sale in Greater Toronto are so competitive.

Greater Toronto’s economy is robust, dynamic, and full of potential. This is why the real estate industry in the city is always at boom because there is never a shortage of Property for Sale. Finally, if you’re doubtful about your career, Greater Toronto offers enormous scope and opportunities for success for job-oriented and business people as well.

Because real estate businesses can be found all over the place, you will never run out of options for Properties for Sale in this city. Greater Toronto is also always ranked among the most livable cities on the planet. Overall, the city is clean and safe to live in – qualities that caught the eyes of tourists.

Lots of people like the attraction that the lakeside offers including, shorelines, parks, and Marinas. Waterfronts are also other key intriguing features that will draw in almost every type of person! Greater Toronto is actually enjoying this sort of benefits! For example, its waterfront covers a very wide area of 150km, where people tend to engage more in business making the growth of its real estate to be very high.

The Greater Toronto real estate market has proven to be different despite believes that it’s cheaper because of the kind of climate it receives. Greater Toronto experiences endless winters and horrible snows during winter. The Greater Toronto real estate investment is forecasted to bring great returns and keep going up. The incredible business opportunities brought about by the rich values of the residents is what makes the lakeside Properties Search much more competitive.

Table Of Contents

1 Understanding the Market Before You Search Properties for Sale in Greater Toronto

1.1 Factors to Consider When Searching Property for Sale Near Greater Toronto

1.2 Transportation Near Greater Toronto Properties Search

1.3 Lifestyle Near Greater Toronto Property Search

2 Understanding The Price of Properties for Sale in Greater Toronto

2.1 The Cost of Living Near Greater Toronto Property for Sale

2.2 The Price of Properties Search in Greater Toronto By Neighborhood

3 Search Greater Toronto Properties for Sale Near You

3.1 Greater Toronto Property for Sale with Nearby Amenities

4 Brokerage Services For Properties for Sale in Greater Toronto

5 Available Properties for Sale in Greater Toronto

6 Properties for Sale in Greater Toronto Neighbourhoods

7 Recent News Concerning Properties for Sale in Greater Toronto

Understanding the Market Before You Search Properties for Sale in Greater Toronto

Properties Search Greater Toronto
Canada’s, and thus Greater Toronto’s, real estate is falsely regarded to be cheaper than its American equivalents because of bad weather. This is chiefly because when individuals think about the weather in Canada- and Greater Toronto in particular- they picture long winters and reduced daylight.

The best privileges that the residents enjoy are what make the Properties for Sale going up at the Canadian city. You are entitled to four climatic seasons if you own a house in Greater Toronto. With the most competitive costs, you must have one of the Properties for Sale in Greater Toronto. The weather in Greater Toronto is ideal for you because as you head north, the weather becomes freezing. Despite the Properties for Sale in Greater Toronto being costly, their merits are unending.

Factors to Consider When Searching Property for Sale Near Greater Toronto

Properties for Sale Greater Toronto
Life here at the Greater Toronto estates is actually tough. A recent census report shows that a majority of the residents in Greater Toronto must at least make an income of $40,500 to have a smooth stay at his place. Anything less than that will be hard to come by. The truth is, you will need extra effort if your salary is way below this mark.

You might ask yourself what could be the true reason for the high cost of living! It’s really brought about the high company and also the high paying jobs that are found at this amazing Canadian city. The bottom line is that you’ll always find the most affordable Property Search that can suitably fit your budget!

The government helped through raising the minimum salary from 11.6 to 14 dollars per hour at the start of January 2017. There are plans to increase it even further!

Those that lead professional and career focus lives in Greater Toronto will also have an opportunity to make lots of money, especially as the economy is built completely on the top of the business sector, service professions, and trades that help keep this city running like a finely crafted watch.

The high growth of Greater Toronto is brought about by factors like high wages and the high average annual income for all households. The real estate market prices in Greater Toronto is growing because investors are searching for highly prized Properties Search. The housing market is booming every month, so properties here have more increased prices every single day. This will draw in buyers to Properties for Sale down the road.

Properties for Sale at the city are offered at the best available choices at competitive prices which can meet your needs. Try to invest as quickly as possible, because the prices are ever rising and you’ll come out on top if you invest sooner rather than later.

Transportation Near Greater Toronto Properties Search

Properties Search Greater Toronto
investors searching for Properties for Sale will be happy to know that public transportation is great in Greater Toronto! It’s easy to get around in the city and all residents have the freedom to access transportation without a concern.

Most of the people staying in Greater Toronto depend on public means. Almost all of them are just comfy with the rich public transportation that has really made it possible to access any point in Greater Toronto, this is according to the reports released by the Greater Toronto Transit Commission. If the Property for Sale are placed along the transit line, they are more competitive as they offer the residents with greater convenience.

Greater Toronto has subways running from the north to south and is primarily used to deliver bulk goods. The shorter transport line assures residents have a great transport service.

The TTC at the Greater Toronto estates did a great job in ensuring an efficient layout for most Properties for Sale and the smooth transportation running. The system is well planned and runs efficiently even during peak hours. The average running time interval in the subway is 2 minutes and five minutes during the rush and normal hours respectively daily.

Transport is reliable and runs from 6 AM to 2 AM daily except on Sunday where it begins at 8 AM.

The finest thing with the TTC’s subway system is the price- you just need to shell out $150 per month to use all the public transportation facilities. This is significantly less than even the least expensive brand-new vehicle payments you might make each month, and that’s without factoring gasoline costs, insurance expenses, and repair or maintenance expenses that are inevitably incurred when you own these cars.

All the savings from that yearly transport expense can assist you to purchase even better Properties Search in Greater Toronto.

The TTC is especially affordable for students and veterans who are afforded much-deserved discounts.

Commuters will definitely have mobile applications and cards to take subways and buses of the well-known Greater Toronto anytime soon. A brand new TTC will take place in 2019, and it will be a really innovative system. Passengers will manage to pay for the fares via apps and cards.

The parking system will have the upgrade it requires. If you don’t have a private vehicle of your own, you can obtain a parking place in Greater Toronto via the city and the private owners simply because they will be selling it.If you don’t have a private car of your own, you can get a parking area in Greater Toronto via the city and the private owners. If you are a commuter in Greater Toronto, you can frequently park your car in the requested neighborhood areas if you take a parking permit from the city itself. Travelers and tourists will not have to do this.

Lifestyle Near Greater Toronto Property Search

Property Search Greater Toronto

Greater Toronto is a modern city with, low-crime, remarkable education rates, dazzling entertainment places, and unparalleled access to other social facilities- it’s no surprise that a number of people have shown interest in the Properties for Sale in Greater Toronto.

Greater Toronto has an excellent security system. The city is clean always thanks to the incredible job of the authorities. For students, Greater Toronto provides top quality education. These are the things why Greater Toronto ranks top in the list of Canadian cities almost every year. But childcare is costly here. So, families with toddlers may need to take that into consideration when buying Properties for Sale in Greater Toronto.

According to research published by the CBC, it is a fact that in all Canada, Greater Toronto may have the costliest childcare costs amounting to $1800 a month, so it is really important that parents should diligently consider their search for Properties for Sale in the city of Greater Toronto.

The entertainment opportunities in Greater Toronto are well-documented. It is one of the best Canadian cities for esculent delights. Night life in Greater Toronto is great and interesting among all, there would be different neighborhoods hosting admirable entertainment opportunities. Outskirts of Greater Toronto also gives you with delicious food and unique entertainment opportunities, worthy of attention. Properties for Sale are still a smart investment despite their costly nature and this is because of the reasons stated above.

The East End of Greater Toronto is especially famous among entertainment lovers. The weather and atmosphere are laid back with numerous bars, clubs, and other entertainment spots. If you’re an admirer of exceptional setting, then this would be the greatest place to discover. The city’s housing market has been also said to be in high demand. There are numerous Properties for Sale that will be great for a private residence, commercial use, as well as investment.

Understanding The Price of Properties for Sale in Greater Toronto

Property for Sale Greater Toronto
You’ll find that the prices of Property Search in Greater Toronto vary from one neighborhood to the other. Every neighborhood has a different security system, schools, and facilities.

You can research on the web to know more about various Properties for Sale pricing of different neighborhoods. Every metropolitan area on earth has different rates for Properties for Sale, and you have to take this into consideration. You should know that Greater Toronto is the second most expensive town in the whole of Canada. Greater Toronto Property for Sale are the most expensive in whole North America as well.

Greater Toronto is running the race with the world. The Properties for Sale prices are going to increase than now in the future days. The ambiance here will be more modernized and people will get more job opportunities immediately. No wonder why the economy here is growing. The property here is always costly, but we will tell you the costs of houses based on the time it’s available. If you make a decision, the right time to buy Properties for Sale in Greater Toronto is always now.

You can get Properties for Sale in half the rate of downtown Greater Toronto if you go for the cheaper neighborhoods. The value and quality of the different communities when it comes to Properties for Sale can be discovered by searching by region.

You had to shell out $934,000 in 2017 for a home in Greater Toronto with two baths and three bedrooms, according to the latest Properties for Sale results. The same types of homes were at least $1.6 million in the downtown that year.

Even a casual look at the costs of Properties for Sale across different regions of Greater Toronto reveals that the East End is among the most inexpensive options. Every rule has an exception and this is true for the East End, a few of their Properties for Sale are quite expensive and virtually any piece of real estate in Greater Toronto has exhibited tremendous increases in price in the last decade. Some communities in the city are home to housing options that go for upwards of $1.2 million making them among the most expensive communities in Canada.

There are plans in motion to extend the development of Greater Toronto to the East; providing people with countless opportunities in the event that they would like to live in that place. For the privilege of staying in Greater Toronto without breaking the bank, consider the Property Search in the East End- they are as functional and beautiful as their Downtown options.

East End of Greater Toronto is having lots of investors for Properties for Sale nowadays. They expect the value of their houses to increase in the next decade. The expensive areas of the town are getting more expensive at all times. The price of a house here is more pricey than what most buyers tend to pay.

The Cost of Living Near Greater Toronto Property for Sale

Properties for Sale Greater Toronto

While the Properties Search pricing is pricey enough as it is, renting a house throughout Greater Toronto is not low-priced, either. This is one of the reasons why East End is actually a preference for investors.

People will be amazed to hear that in Greater Toronto the cost of rent and the cost of a mortgage are almost similar. It is, therefore, wiser to get one of the Properties for Sale in Greater Toronto than to rent the same. At least when you mortgage you bear the ownership of the property after a period of time.

Properties for Sale in Greater Toronto are not only the expensive things in this city. Many other facilities which are very important such as phone plans, internet costs, television packages, even the groceries are very expensive in Greater Toronto. All these make the city expensive to live in.

The Price of Properties Search in Greater Toronto By Neighborhood

Properties Search Greater Toronto
If you are looking up Properties for Sale in search of the perfect neighborhood for a career-driven life, the Western stretch is the place for you. Young professionals who are seeking to establish their careers are found in this area of Greater Toronto.

The southeastern part of the neighborhood is home to a University. That area is, therefore, full of students and university faculty that make the area quite vibrant. There is a fast rise of businesses in the area and that has led to the increase and opening of a lot of business opportunities.

The cost of living is also pretty low. It is because it’s full of students instead of money-minded professionals. The cost of real estate, however, remains to be high even in this part of town.

The MLS Properties for Sale have not undergone a substantial price changes in years. This is because they’re really far away from the city. As it takes a lot of time to travel from work place to home there’s less perspective of buyers preferring it.

You must check out this city if you consider yourself a paparazzi (or maybe you just like to see your favorite celebrities) because during September of every year, it hosts an international Film Festival. Houses cost $1.5 Million for sale and some for even much higher rates due to the strategic or well-planned location – though there are economical single-family and condominium units for people to consider too.

The Downtown Core of Greater Toronto is among the finest places, you can decide to live in. Though it is deemed as a retail and commercial community, you won’t miss encountering people who have made it their home. in this part of Greater Toronto, you can experience a happy and blissful life which the city provides. You’ll also like the breath-taking atmosphere and its busy city life.

Besides the fact that it has a slower pace compared to other communities in this city, it is one of the most beautiful parts of the city, and more particularly as of late. This portion of the city is not just heavily populated, it is also a rich neighborhood in the region.

Midtown is where you’ll find your more working-class type of atmosphere. A 20 minute commute on the public subway will get you to Greater Toronto in time for work with plenty extra to spare, but also offers the kind of suburban feel people are searching for without having to give up the excitement that Greater Toronto offers as well. No matter your budget, searching for Properties Search here is fun.

The MLS found these Properties Search to be very equipped security-wise with a community that is extremely peaceful with a knack for order. This attribute, along with the fact that the best schools are accessible anywhere, makes Greater Toronto a great home to families with young children. Aside from offering a good environment for the kids, the city offers the adults a very tranquil environment to unwind after a long day’s work.

A quick Google search of Properties for Sale usually has hundreds- if not thousands- of results. The Greater Toronto real estate market is among the most exciting in North America and will similarly offer hundreds of fascinating offers. This means that the search for a house may turn out to be an overwhelming task to the best of us. To streamline the process, sort out the results according to your budget, preferred community, and other interests.

A number of people have been informed that it’s very expensive to own a home or even purchase some properties in Greater Toronto. But it is not completely true. in all honesty, when you find Properties for Sale in Greater Toronto, you’re always sure to find few real diamonds and this search will not even take you lots of your time.

This piece of information would be of big help, when you’re looking for a house in Greater Toronto, from its varied and unique neighbourhood harboured in the heart of the city.

As always, it’s smart to partner up with the best Property for Sale search agents or realtors to assist you browse through the market – particularly a market as broad, as diverse, and as dense as Greater Toronto. You can do this all on your truly lonesome. Searching Properties for Sale can help, but nothing beats the boots on the ground of a professional real estate agent.

Search Greater Toronto Properties for Sale Near You

Property Search Greater Toronto
Greater Toronto is stated to be one of the major communities where business strives and this is not only because of the fact that it is a metropolitan city. It’s not just industrial but the city is also gifted with a pretty much good amount of cultural and other facilities.

You shouldn’t worry about the economy of Greater Toronto since it is continuously thriving and growing. The average wage in the city is ranked one of the highest in both Canada and North America and this has made it a place where jobs and career prospects can be found. in fact, the minimum salary in Greater Toronto has kept growing, having been increased in January 2017 and January 2019.

The number of options in Greater Toronto when you are taking a look at Properties for Sale can be suffocating. Nevertheless, the cost of living is expected a bit higher in Greater Toronto.

Greater Toronto Property for Sale with Nearby Amenities

Property Search Greater Toronto
The intended use of the house determines the criteria for choosing it; when taking a look at the Properties for Sale, convenience is more essential if the real estate is for a home rather than a business.

Different types of neighbourhoods have different types of qualities like the ones which are nearby downtown are modern and always seems to be in a hurry while, on the other hand, the outskirt communities live a much simpler way of life.

in recent years, Greater Toronto was named among the best cities of North America for entrepreneurs to start business. The technology community in this city is among the largest of the world. It’s also a favorite to men of business. These factors make the Properties for Sale price pretty high in Greater Toronto. But if you are worried about your future, it is worth every cents of what you’ll shell out.

Many young people with a lot of money and great ideas settle down here, and this makes this area great for business owners and dynamic people. It isn’t at all uncommon to see areas open until 2:30 AM, and some days of the year (when lawfully allowed) these same companies can be open until 4 AM.

The location, however, is not recommended for individuals and young families who want to stay in a calm and relaxing environment. It is recommended to young adults (or say millennials) and to every that person who love to spend busy nights and the other attractions located in Greater Toronto.

For a more affordable option, individuals and families alike may consider Property for Sale in the outskirt communities of the city. The environment there is peaceful and in case you want to access the busy Greater Toronto you can do it anytime utilizing public transit via subway lines.

Rest assured that these lines won’t interfere with the comfort of the municipality. This is because they allow commuters to go to and from the outer areas of Greater Toronto, which are more suburban neighborhoods without interfering with the slow-paced, clean and safe lifestyle of the area.

The best thing that will make you choose Greater Toronto is its public transportation. This is, of course, something which you must consider before looking for Properties for Sale. The city has a variety of public transportations that are well managed by TTC, especially in the GTA. You can expect to find two main subway lines in the place, one which runs north and south and another one which runs east and west, and has two other lines which extend out to the east and west ends.

If you’re looking for Properties for Sales along the main lines of the renowned TTC public transport system, you’ll pay more. Properties far from these lines are less expensive too.

The good management of public transportation by the TTC in Greater Toronto makes the transport cost cheap. It is not shocking to discover that a lot of people here do not have any private vehicle. It’s all because of the fact that public transport is cheaper than owning and maintaining a vehicle. To be exact, it costs $ 150 per month to use all TTC operated transportation options. This is relatively cheap as compared to the expenses you will incur monthly even when you are operating even a cheap and inexpensive car.

Brokerage Services For Properties for Sale in Greater Toronto

Brokerage Services For Properties for Sale in Greater Toronto

RLP Maximum
7694 Islington Ave, 2nd Floor Suite 220
Vaughan, ON L4L 1W3
Tel: (905) 856-7514

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Properties For Sale Reviews
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Available Properties for Sale in Greater Toronto

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Detached Home For Sale | W4576988

1153 Stavebank Rd, Mississauga, Ontario
Bed(s): 4
Sqft: 2,500
Located In Prestigious Mineola West And Only Steps To Lake Ontario, This Beautiful Bungalow Has Undergone Extensive Renovations. An Open Concept Designer Kitchen Features Top End Appliances (Dacor, Miele, Sub-Zero), Granite Counters, Breakfast Bar And 10' Ceilings. Off The Kitchen Is The Expansive Living Room With Hardwood Floors And A Dramatic Gas Fireplace.

Detached Home For Sale | E4582757

84A Aylesworth Ave, Toronto, Ontario
Bed(s): 4
Brand New Luxury 4 Bedroom Detached Home W/7 Yrs Tarion Warranty * Premium 24X100Ft Lot * High End Finishes * Led Potlights+Hdwd Floors & Crown Moulding Thru-Out * Eat-In Kitchen W/10Ft Centre Island+S/S Appliances+Quartz Counters & Backsplash * Breakfast Area W/W/O To Deck * Skylight * Family W/12Ft Ceilings & B/I Fireplace W/Wall Unit * Master Bdrm W/4Pc Ensuite W/Designer Tub+Shower

Detached Home For Sale | W4570743

96 Elmcrest Rd, Toronto, Ontario
Bed(s): 5
Sqft: 3,500
Very Rare & Exceptional Half Acre Lot In Quiet Neighborhood Of Etobicoke. This Beautiful Custom Home Has Luxurious Touches From Top To Bottom, With Finishing Touches Such As Coffered Ceilings, Wainscoting, Gas Fireplace, 14 Foot Ceilings & A Master Bedroom That Will Leave You Speechless.

Detached Home For Sale | W4567080

21A Second Ave, Orangeville, Ontario
Bed(s): 3
Dream Come True! This Charming Bungalow Has 3 Bedrooms Up And 2 Down With So Many Upgrades There Is Not Enough Room To List Them All! This Beauty Is Within Walking Distance To Downtown Orangeville So It Is Close To All Amenities. Basement Has A Separate Entrance And Is A Great Income Potential.

Detached Home For Sale | W4579569

468 Meadow Wood Rd, Mississauga, Ontario
Bed(s): 6
Sqft: 5,000
Spectacular Executive Home Located In Prestigious Rattray Marsh. Over 6400 Sq Ft Of Living Space With Over 4460 Sq Ft On Top Two Floors. This Stunning, Sunny, 6+1 Bed, 6 Bath Family Home Boasts A Dream Kitchen With High End Stainless Steel Appliances, Centre Island And Walk Out To Extensively Landscaped Back Yard.

Detached Home For Sale | N4580967

308 Towercrest Dr, Newmarket, Ontario
Bed(s): 3
Location! Style! Comfort! Beautifully Appointed From Top To Bottom, This Home Exudes Pride Of Ownership. Extensively Upgraded To An Open Concept Main Floor With Gourmet Kitchen, Granite Counters, Skylight, Stone & Hardwood Floors.Both Bathrooms Updated.Freshly Painted With Modern Decor & Flare.Premium Backyard With Mature Trees, Multiple Decks & Pavilion.

Detached Home For Sale | N4580646

33 Sir Henry Crt, King, Ontario
Bed(s): 5
Sqft: 5,000
Brand New 6069 Sq.Ft. Treasure Hill Home On An Expansive 91 Foot Lot Within An Exclusive Enclave Of Luxury Homes, Steps To The Prestigious Villa Nova Private School. 11' Main Floor Ceiling And 10' On Upper. 4 Car Garage. Wolf Gas Range And Sub Zero Fridge, 2 Furnaces, 2 Air Conditioners, Central Vac & Lifebreath Hrv Unit. 5" Maple Hardwood Floor On Main & Upper Level In Non-Tiled Areas.

Detached Home For Sale | N4563104

49 Ellery Dr, Richmond Hill, Ontario
Bed(s): 4
Rarely Offered Heritage Estates Executive Home W/ Circular Driveway. Breathtaking 2 Story Open Foyer W/ 9Ft Ceilings On Main. Tastefully Renovated W/ Excellent Flr Plan. Lrg Principal Rooms Including Over-Sized Master Suite W/ Lrg Ensuite & W/I Closet. Private Backyard Great For Entertaining, Great School District. Newly Finished Basement And Much More...

Detached Home For Sale | E4567132

47 Bellwood Dr E, Whitby, Ontario
Bed(s): 4
Absolutely Gorgeous Home. This Aesthetically Pleasing Home Is Situated In A High Standing Neighborhood With $$$ Spent On Upgrades. This Home Features Hardwd Flrs Throughout, Granite Countertop In Kitchen, Pot Lights. Close To All Amenities, Right Across From High Ranked Schools, Shopping, Bank, Hospital, Library, Hwy 401. Finished Bsmt With The Ability To Make Potential Rental Income.

Detached Home For Sale | W4568116

5176 Amana Pl, Mississauga, Ontario
Bed(s): 6
A Vision Of Beauty & Luxury Living At It's Best In The Exclusive Credit Mills Neighbourhood. 7500+ Sqft Of Living Space In This Immaculate Detached Home. 6 Bed, 2 Masters, Main Flr Master W/6Pc En-Suite, Dbl Dr Entry , 10' Ceilings, Crystal Chandeliers, Crown Moldings, Wainscoting, Pot Lights, Gas Fireplaces, Jacuzzis, Granite Counter Tops And Wrought Iron Railings.

Detached Home For Sale | E4513401

67 Sylvan Ave, Toronto, Ontario
Bed(s): 3
This Is Spectacular! Deep And Private 60 X 381 Lot With Solar Heated Pool On Top Of The Bluffs With Lake View. Move-In Ready 3 Bedroom Bungalow Includes Eat-In Kitchen Plus Office On The Main Floor. Lake View From The Master Bedroom, Living Room With A Fireplace And Dining Room With Walk-Out To A Large Upper Deck.

Townhouse For Sale | W4569081

11 Edenfield, Brampton, Ontario
Bed(s): 4
Sqft: 1,500
Look No Further! Don't Miss This Gem In The Desirable Gates Of Countryside Neighbourhood! This Beautiful Freehold Townhouse Is Move-In-Ready. Bigger Than Semi! Spacious Sun-Filled 1934 Sq. Ft., Separate Family/Living/Dining, Generous 4 Bedrooms, Natural Solid Oak Hardwood Floors Throughout, Builder-Expanded Custom Kitchen, High-End Stainless-Steel Appliances, New Ac, 3-Car Parking.

Vacant Land For Sale | N4579768

2566 25th Side Rd, Innisfil, Ontario
Sqft: 0.50
Vacant Land
Attention Builders And Investors! Half Acre Lot 115X200 Ft With Approved Building Permit For A 2 Storey Detached House. Gas & Water Available. Close To Lake Simcoe. Waterfront Parks. Vacant Habitat Lands At Rear Of Property. 27 Ft Culvert Installed. Build Your Dream Home, 2nd Suite Allowed. All Lot Levies & Bldg Fees In Addition To Price.

Detached Home For Sale | S4568792

65 Miller Dr, Barrie, Ontario
Bed(s): 3
Sqft: 2,500
Spacious Family Home Boasting An Inground Saltwater Pool! Stunning 2 Storey With Backyard Oasis & Extensive Landscaping, Hot Tub, Outdoor Napolean Bbq With Sink & Inground Pool. Close Proximity To Arterial Roads, But With Safety Measures In Place Such As Seasonal Speed Bumps To Offer A Safe, Family Neighbourhood. Chef's Kitchen With Massive Pantry & Granite Countertops.

Detached Home For Sale | W4580135

8 Lewis, Halton Hills, Ontario
Bed(s): 3
Clean And Sturdy, This Popular 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath Cardinal Model Is Ready For A New Family! Original Owner Selling This Home. Very Bright And Sunny With Large Windows, Combined Living/Dining Rooms, Kitchen With Extra Cabinets For Storage, Hardwood Flooring In The Bedrooms. This Home Is Ready For Some Updates, But Can Easily Be Enjoyed As Is.

Detached Home For Sale | W4566938

5270 Heatherleigh Ave, Mississauga, Ontario
Bed(s): 3
Sqft: 1,500
Lovely Unique "Dual Master" Detached Home Siding And Backing Onto Rolling Parkland. Please Note* Original 3 Bedroom + Fam Room Floor-Plan Converted Now With 2 Huge Master Suites On Upper Level, Plus 2nd Floor Laundry.

Detached Home For Sale | W4579853

14 Ravenscrest Dr, Toronto, Ontario
Bed(s): 3
Rare Opportunity To Own A Mature West-Facing Ravine Lot In Coveted Glen Agar Where The Family-Centric Lifestyle Is Inimitable. This Private 3 Bed/2 Bath Bungalow Is Perched High Above Ravenscrest Park Looking Over Mimico Creek And The Trails Of West Deane Park. It Has Been Meticulously Maintained By The Original Owners Since 1955 And Is Prime For A Visionary To Renovate Or Rebuild.

Semi-Detached Home For Sale | W4558257

18 Radford Dr, Brampton, Ontario
Bed(s): 4
*Gorgeous Bright Open Concept 5 Level With Beautiful Layout Located In High Demand Area!** Features Great Size 4 Bedrooms, Beautiful Renovated Kitchen With Backsplash, Laminate Floors- Outstanding Condition - New Washrooms. New Stairs. Royally Lavished With Numerous Upgrades That Includes New Doors, New Kitchen (19), Almost All New Windows (19).
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