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RLP Maximum Announces Real Estate Property Listings Are Still Active

RLP Maximum, based in Woodbridge, Ontario, has announced that real estate property listings are still available despite the difficult conditions being experienced by everyone at the moment. The company wants everyone looking for townhomes for sale in the Toronto area to know that RLP Maximum is still open for business and available to help.

Traditionally, Toronto has always been one of the most popular areas in Canada for house hunters and in recent years this popularity has increased significantly. This popularity has meant that it has become increasingly challenging for house hunters to find exactly what they are looking for. Properties for sale get listed and then sell very quickly.

In fact, if a buyer is at all hesitant in choosing whether to buy, they will more often than not find that someone else has beaten them to it and the property they were interested in has gone. This is particularly true when a potential buyer is trying to choose between two or more properties and there is no clear price differential that may sway the decision one way or another.

Trying to keep up with what is going on in the housing market and making a quick but informed decision to purchase is not as easy as it once was. This is why having the advice and insight of an experienced real estate agent is essential for anyone looking at new property listings.

Times are indeed difficult at the moment and this has caused problems for many and the housing market is no exception. Usually there is a high turnover of properties for sale in the Toronto area, but the current pandemic has affected that significantly as homeowners are waiting until things improve before listing. In addition, many potential buyers are doing just the same and are waiting.

Toronto home sales and listings dropped in the first part of April as the Covid-19 pandemic seriously affected demand in Canada’s largest city. According to the Toronto Regional Real Estate Board there was a drop of some 69% in home sales in the city of Toronto and its suburbs compared to a year ago.

Jane Merriman, a spokesperson for RLP Maximum, said, “As we all know, the current pandemic has meant extraordinary emergency measures have been enacted. This has meant enforced social distancing and that has definitely had an effect on the real estate market. Buyers and sellers both have concerns about employment and the economy and are waiting to see what happens. And of course, many are avoiding any sort of personal interaction.”

That does not mean that nothing is being listed and it does not mean that nobody is buying. The Toronto housing market is still there, and owners are still listing their homes for sale. Even if there are not as many to choose from as there were last year there is still plenty of choice for those who are prepared to look and be decisive.

RLP Maximum still has a significant number of listings that cover many different types of properties for sale at differing price points depending on location and type. Properties include detached and semi-detached houses, condominiums, townhouses, and of course, commercial properties.

This downturn in the market is not going to last forever and there is an expectation that later this year things will begin to return to normal. When they do, an increasing number of owners will make the decision to sell and potential buyers will again be facing a fast-moving market. Toronto is indeed an extremely popular area and demand often outstrips supply.

Ms. Merriman went on to say, “Although the market is somewhat subdued at the moment that does not mean it is non-existent. It is most certainly still active, and we are continuing to have properties listed. There are still opportunities to be had at both ends of the market and despite what is going on right now, it is actually a good time to buy.”

Those wishing to find out more about RLP Maximum’s listings can do so by visiting the company’s website.

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