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The Art of Packing

Moving houses can be exhausting yet greatly exhilarating. It’s also kind of ceremonial because you’ve hit a milestone in your life. The ritual of this ceremony happens during packing. Because it’s when you take a survey of all your possessions and make a careful assessment of your life and priorities. It’s a time when you need to determine what is essential to take. For items that don’t make the cut, you find yourself pausing to appreciate the memories that go with them then expelling that energy that enables you to detach yourself and to freely let go.

Packing is one of your most productive moments. You invest the time and effort into sorting, discarding, recycling, selling, and donating a variety of possessions. Clothes, magazines, books, furniture, toys, memorabilia, junk; these and more start moving towards your line of sight waiting to be tossed into their rightful piles.

Now the actual day of packing starts and some realities may set in. Packing can be difficult. It can be confusing and immensely irritating. If negative feelings like these drop on you, take a few meditative breaths and bring yourself back to pleasantness. Also, apply some strategies to keep the pleasantness going for days.

Separate basic supplies and necessities in one exclusive box (or more). Decide to move it yourself to your new home instead of transporting it along with the rest of the stuff in a moving truck. This ensures you that in case of delays, you have the primary things at your new home ready for your use. Now, what are these primary things you should transport in advance? How about kitchen supplies and appliances like toaster, coffee maker, mugs, plates, cutlery, and pantry items. Hygiene and cosmetic supplies go next. Toothbrushes, toothpaste, soaps, shampoos, and the like. Basic office supplies like pens, paper, scissors should be included as well as laundry detergents, washcloths, and towels. Put your first aid kit on top for easy reach at any time. You never know when an extreme headache is going to hit.

Handle breakables with care by keeping them in their own box and in proper wrapping. This can be time-consuming because you need to wrap each piece separately in a piece of paper, cloth, or protective foam. You can use large towels, dish towels, or tablecloths and other fabric. Using your own stock or inventory instead of pieces of paper or newspaper helps minimize waste after the unpacking.

Save money on boxes by searching for freebies. Ask around. Get a tip from other veteran movers. Visit grocery shops and stores that dispose of inventory boxes by giving them away for free. Request some boxes from your office. Chances are, they still have those new replacement printer boxes and computer boxes in storage somewhere. These are good, strong boxes that will serve you well in your packing adventures.

Use some sort of labelling to help you organize, categorize, and identify boxes. Try colour labels or other time-saving labelling systems. Colour labelling can work by you assigning colours to each area of the house or each type of inventory. By looking at the colours, you have a quick reference of what’s inside. If you see a green labelled box, then you know that it’s for the kitchen because that’s how you assigned the colour.

Finally, apply finishing touches to your masterful way of packing by remembering the following:

1. Place moisture and water-sensitive items in plastic bags before putting them in boxes. You don’t want papers, colour-fading fabrics or materials, and food items getting wet from a sudden downpour.

2. Pack your heaviest items at the bottom and keep the light or breakable ones on top.

3. Separate food items at all times. Never share their box with cleaners, fragrances, and the like.

4. Secure your box bottoms with criss-cross taping to prevent accidental opening.

Observe all of these tips and spare yourself from mishaps and frustrations when you start staying in your new home. More so, be sure to find unpacking more enjoyable and exciting.

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