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Selling Your Home, Where to Begin

First Impressions

First impressions are significant. Every seller needs to ensure their residential property entices a buyer. There must have been a few good reasons why you, a seller now but a buyer once, had chosen this property over another or several other houses. You had chosen to make an investment and now it is time to secure a substantial return. A new buyer needs to have those same good reasons or a few better ones to choose your house over others they would inevitably explore. A seller needs to think like a buyer, understand their needs and potential concerns to make the house worthwhile for them to be interested and rewarding enough for them to make an investment.

Any house for sale should be spruced up to an extent. How much is necessary shall depend on the present condition of the property. The house needs to be aesthetically attractive. It should feel good and smell nice. A potential homebuyer should like the house immediately. This can only happen if a property is appropriately prepared. Homebuyers do not just focus on the physical condition of the house. They want a property that has been cared for. Homebuyers need to visualize themselves living in that property. They will also imagine how it would be like to own the house, how their family and friends will perceive the property and if they will be content living there. A lot of planning is required to make a house desirable for the buyers.

Plan Ahead

It is imperative to have a plan and the sooner you have one, the better. You should plan before you choose to list your house for sale. A property may need sufficient changes and such alterations take time. You cannot have a hasty approach. Make notes highlighting how your property can be made to look and feel more desirable. Inspect the house, write down the strengths and weaknesses of the property, identify fixtures and areas that need to be repaired, the property will need to be cleaned thoroughly and you should consider the possibility of painting it.

Preparing a house for sale can be expensive but there are affordable ways to make a property more attractive. There are minor repairs and inexpensive improvements that can bring about a major difference and make your house more likeable. It is not uncommon for sellers to ignore or simply be unaware of seemingly inconsequential issues but they can become significant problems for a buyer. What could be easily dealt with proactively can effectively ruin the prospects of a sale.


Clean Everything

Cleaning is a quintessential exercise. A house should be cleaned thoroughly before it a buyer comes for a viewing. Every last inch of all the rooms and the entire premise should be spotlessly cleaned. The windows and sills, the tiles on the floors, the walls and ceilings, drawers and cupboards, bathrooms and kitchen, light fixtures and other installations, the entryway and doors, even the utility area and the basement should be cleaned.

Cut the Clutter

A house should be de-cluttered before a viewing. Put your clothes away. Personal items should not be visible. The property should look like a home but it must not sport a lived in appearance. Clutter can easily ruin the aesthetics of a perfectly good place. Clutter will also make for an unpleasant viewing. There could be odd odors. Cutting the clutter will make your rooms look and feel brighter and larger. The place would be airier. Consider putting away pictures, wall arts, collectibles, valuables, magazines, excess furniture and books, blankets and rugs that are not essential to the setting among other elements that reflect your personal life. You can always rent a storage unit or just use your attic, garage or basement.


A spacious and well organized closet will always impress buyers. Try to pack excess clothes you do not need immediately so there is more space in the closets.


New paint can do wonders for your sale. Nothing can visually transform a house than fresh coats of complementing paints. Choose colors wisely so as to accentuate the setting.


Carpets should be cleaned and sanitized. Do not have worn and torn carpets. Replace them. Lighter carpets of neutral colors work better. If you have a quaint carpet that may or may not impress a buyer and you cannot have it removed, you can convey the same to the homebuyer during the viewing and propose a reduction in the price if they do not want it.

Repairs and Renovations

Renovations can be expensive. It is better to focus on repairs than considering substantial renovations. There is no guarantee that you will recoup the investment by increasing the ask price. Repair leaky faucets, fix slow drains, replace torn screens, check the gutters, get rid of loose doorknobs and remedy broken windows. If all repairs are done well, your property will look and feel much better. Avoid doing the repairs yourself unless you are a specialist.

Leaks and Moisture

Check for water stains on floors and ceilings, basement and other parts of your home. It is tempting to cover up such signs of problems. Either fix the problem or convey the same to a homebuyer and offer to reduce the ask price. If you have fixed leaks and moisture problem, notify the buyer in writing detailing the steps you have taken.


Curb Appeal

The aesthetic appeal of the exterior of your house is one of the first key components. It plays the most important role in influencing first impressions. New paint can always make the exterior more attractive. You have to aim for that instant involuntary sigh of amazement or satisfaction when the buyer first sees your property. Cleaning and painting definitely enhances the curb appeal. Landscaping, trimming the trees on and around your property, planting some shrubs and several such measures can have a profound impact.


You should paint your house, unless the one right now seems to be nearly perfect. If there are peels of paint, some parts chipping and blistering or the exterior looks simply old, then you should invest in painting the house. New paint or stain has more than an aesthetic impact. It increases the value of a house and hence the selling price.

In the Yard

The yard can be transformed to be more welcoming and exciting for the buyer. Make a note of the merits and demerits of the immediate landscape. Trim trees and prune the hedges and bushes, attend to the lawn and make sure it is mowed, get rid of litter of pets and other sources, try to have some flowering plants in your garden, make sure the lawn is well fertilized and there is enough mulch where needed. If you are selling or showing your house in winter, shovel and deice sidewalks and driveway, stack some firewood, clean birdbaths, repair the fences and considering painting them. Your exterior should be well lit if there isn’t sufficient sunlight.

The Front Door

You should have a good front door. It should look pleasing and be sturdy enough to instill a sense of security. You can have some decorative features on the front door. A wreath on the door, some flowers nearby or shrubs at the steps are nice touches.

Keep yourself organized with the following checklist.

You must clean & maintain windows, screens and sills, walls, floors, ceilings, drawers, cupboards, furniture, closets, bathrooms, kitchen, lights, ceiling fans, rugs, carpets, mirrors, basement, attic, garage, utility room, yard, furnace filter and gutters. Pack away personal items and de-clutter the house.

Repair plumbing fixtures, leaky faucets, slow drains and gutters, torn screens, loose doorknobs, broken windows, deck boards, damage caused by water stain, malfunctioning electrical fixtures and appliances, damaged ceilings and walls, worn and torn rugs and carpets. Repair damaged steps and sidewalks.

You should consider a few improvements such as staining or painting the deck, sorting the garden hose, trimming the trees and pruning the hedges and bushes, fertilizing and mowing the lawn, planting flowers in the gardens, deicing the premise, caulking doors and windows, repairing and painting the fences, sealing the asphalt driveway and accentuating the entryway.

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