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Preparing for a Home Inspection

Getting Prepared for a Home Inspection

An important part of the home selling process is having a professional home inspector come out to your house. You want to be aware ahead of time of any problems that could be present with your house so that you can deal with them. Following are steps that you can take to have a successful inspection.

1. You want to make sure that any past renovations that have been done have not caused any structural damage to the house. You also want to make sure that there are not any signs of termites and settling that has occurred causing damage to the foundation. You also want to take a look at any support beams to the house making sure there are not any cracks.

2. Make sure that all of the electrical and wiring in the house is in good condition and does not pose a safety hazard. If there are any loose wires or electrical problems, they can pose a serious safety issue and should be corrected right away. You also want to make sure that your home has a minimum of 100 amp service.

3. Check for leaks. In the event that water is leaking, it can cause serious damage over time. Places to look for water leaks are under sinks, around the dishwasher, ceilings and along the walls of your basement. You also want to check all of your plumbing fixtures to ensure they are in good working order.

4. Check your home for potential safety issues. If you have overgrown foliage that blocks the view, trim it back. You also want to check and make sure that all of the windows not only open easily but that they close and lock securely. The same goes for the entrances to the home. Look around for other hazards such as loose railings. Check the exterior for hidden hazards such as uncapped wells, or hidden debris that causes a safety issue.

5. Take a look at all of your plumbing fixtures. Ensure that they all work properly. All of the faucets should turn off completely and not drip. In the bathroom areas, tubs, toilets, and other fixtures should be caulked properly and be secured appropriately. All of the drains should be clog free as well. Take the time to check the hot water heater and make sure it works properly.

6. All of your heating and cooling systems should be up to date, clean, and working properly. This includes having clean filters. Check air conditioning units for refrigerant as well.

7. Sometimes it helps to have a neighbor or friend take a look and give their honest opinion. It is possible that they will notice things that you may have overlooked.

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