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5 Tips to Higher Sale Prices

Following are 5 effective yet inexpensive ways you can do a home makeover in order to bring the value up on your home before putting that FOR SALE sign on the front lawn.

1. Tidy it up!

Tidy it up to add more space and make your home more appealing to prospective buyers. Hold a garage sale every weekend till you fully dispose of all unused and unwanted items in your house. Let go of furniture, appliances and other inventories that are just catching webs and uselessly taking up floor space in your home. If you haven’t used them in the last five years, then probably there’s no use for them in the next 5 that’s coming up.

2. Fix it up!

Fix what’s out of order and what’s underperforming. Now is the time to catch up on those odd tasks around the house. Go through each section and survey what needs tweaking, oiling, replacing and so on.

Check doors, windows, faucets, drawers, lights, fixtures, and even the steps. Oil whatever is squeaking. Tighten whatever is loose. Replace what is worn out. Buyers notice little things like squeaky hinges and steps or loose doorknobs. These seemingly trivial matters can lower the value of your home so fix them now.

3. Spruce it up!

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for the appearance and value of your home. The cost of paint buckets isr negligible when compared to the big dollar amounts you can add to your asking price. Besides, not all rooms may need repainting. Prioritize areas which are in grave need of new paint. The exteriors, for instance, may profit well from a repaint. For the interior sections, banisters and wooden stairs may be an area of concern. Consider going for neutral colours indoors.

4. Pretty it up!

Quickly make a good impression by working on your curbside appeal. Your home’s centre and front are the overall face you present to the clients.

Make it comely and inviting by tending to your front lawn and garden. Do some weeding. Mow your grass and trim those hedges. Clear pathways from crawling vines. And why not plant some gorgeous looking and smelling flowers by the pathway?

5. Clean it up!

The walls are repainted or washed down and all clutter’s gone. You’ve reclaimed some more space and added face value to your home. Team up as a family to clean and polish what’s left. Go from top to bottom and spend time clearing, cleaning, organizing, polishing and some more. Remember to maintain the newfound cleanliness and organization of your home so you can be ready for any house inspection at any time.

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